Searching for the right hospital for you or a loved one? has a free tool helps you find hospitals and compare differences in quality of care, both locally and nationwide. You do not have to be on Medicare to use the tool. You can search by location (e.g., zip code, city, or state) or by the name of the hospital. You can also compare up to three hospitals at a time.

When you’re comparing hospitals, look for one that:

Has the best experience with your condition.
Participates in Medicare and/or is covered by your health plan.
Checks and improves the quality of its care.
Performs well on quality measures, including a national patient survey.
Meets your needs in terms of location.

After using Hospital Compare, talk with your health care provider to determine which hospital will best meet your health care needs.
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Find detailed information about thousands of Medicare-certified hospitals, compare side-by-side, and choose the best hospital for your care.