This week TSG4 performed a synchronized drop where everyone in the battle was a member or recruit of TSG4. Congratulations to all! This proves that practice can make perfect.


Team on the Left: Archanglex14, SandTfan, ElegantPotato, TheArborealAntelope, Nocona, BTC_USN_Retired, WAchter_2, Brakos0222, ToddtheTiger, usafgadget, Daigosama_1, and Tr3xx0n.

Team on the Right: Milkshakecake, Vultureacc, JDilday, turdherder_2, Pakmuella, Felton_Light_Cavalry, JonnyRacer, HunterGaunt, Scoobus, Beaver_Eater, rdkcby, and UnHolyLegion.